St Theresa College Birkirkara Primary School

School Policies

Participation in Research Studies

Our school participates only in research studies involving online close-ended questionnaires.  A link is to be provided for the online version of the research study questionnaire, such as Microsoft Forms, Google Forms, Survey monkey and other similar online survey forms.

 Members of staff, including the Senior Leadership Team, will participate on a voluntary basis. Their identity, as well as that of the school, should not be disclosed.

The School Eco-Code

The Eco-code is a living document of our school’s commitment towards a greener planet with bluer oceans.  The EkoSkola council with representatives from pupils and educators meet on a regular basis to discuss issues related to this:

Respect for All Framework

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School Bags Guidelines

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National HW Policy

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Teachers’ Code of Ethics and Practice

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The Simplified Public Service Management Code (PSMC) Document.

The Full Public Service Management Code (website).










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